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  Dietary Controversies in Parkinson's
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We've been collecting data for over a decade on people with various forms of Parkinsonism. Some statistically significant and clinically relevant trends are emerging...

Join us as we explore the data and discuss thousands of opportunities for Parkinson prevention and health promotion for those who already have a diagnosis.

Laurie K Mischley, ND PhD MPH

 Dr. Mischley studied naturopathic medicine (ND) at Bastyr University and epidemiology (MPH) and nutritional sciences (PhD) at the University of Washington and she maintains appointments at both Universities. Her work is focused on identifying the nutritional requirements unique to individuals with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and has published on coenzyme Q10, lithium, NAD+, and glutathione deficiency.

She is Principal Investigator of the Modifiable Variables in Parkinsonism (MVP) Study (MVP-study.com), which is attempting to describe why some people with PD progress slower than others. She developed the Patient Reported Outcomes in PD (PRO-PD) rating scale (www.PD-symptoms.com), created the Parkinson Symptom Tracking App, and has trained dogs to detect the scent of Parkinsonism (ParK-9.com).

She is working on ways to study, package and deliver evidence-based lifestyle modification as a therapeutic strategy.

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