2023 Simply Social - Every Tuesday 1 pm PT

Camaraderie is Key

Every Tuesday at 1 PM PT, you can join the Simply Social and Support live zoom discussion. Members of the PD School community can chat with others, get to know one another, or simply listen to others' stories and feedback.

Your Instructor

Laurie K Mischley, ND PhD MPH
Laurie K Mischley, ND PhD MPH

Dr. Mischley has spent the past two decades studying the unique nutritional requirements of people with Parkinsonism and working to find better ways to measure, monitor, predict, and prevent PD. Her academic training is in naturopathic medicine (ND), nutrition (PhD), and epidemiology (MPH). She built the Parkinson Symptom Tracking App (www.pd-symptoms.com), has trained dogs to detect the scent of parkinsonism in ear wax (ParK-9.com), is lead investigator of the MVP-Study.com, and is founder of the Parkinson Center for Pragmatic Research (CPR). She created Parkinson-School.com in 2020 as a way to empower patients, accelerate education and catalyze some long overdue conversations.

Course Curriculum

  2023 Camaraderie - Every Tuesday, 1 pm PT
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an agenda?
There is NOT an agenda for the Simply Social and Support live discussions! Members are free to chat about whatever!
Are the Simply Social and Support discussions hosted by Dr. Mischley?
Nope! These discussions are not hosted by Dr. Mischley, although she may pop in from time to time.
Are these discussions recorded and able to be watched at a later time?
No, we are not recording these discussions at this time.

This course is closed for enrollment.