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When a life-changing diagnosis presents itself in life, many people will set aside their own health needs to prioritize care for someone they love and care for. Research clearly demonstrates that the health of the carer directly influences the prognosis of their loved one. With that being said, and as a caregiver and physician myself, I want you to feel that your health is valued and matters as you work to provide care. Please accept this invitation to join our intimate, authentic, honest and often dark humorous group, as we navigate your journey(s) together.

- Dr. Karin Duncan, NMD

Karin Duncan, ND

Dr. Duncan graduated from Bastyr University and her practice is focused in neurologic health, and specifically in the holistic approach to Parkinson’s Disease.  She serves as an adjunct physician for the Parkinson’s Disease Summer School and is actively involved in advocacy and education for the NWPF and featured in podcasts sharing her approach.  She embraces a philosophy centered around forming and maintaining resilience in health and incorporates these values into each patient encounter. 

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To protect the privacy of participants and ensure that a degree of intimacy is maintained, we will not be recording these videos.