Neurotoxic pesticides are making it into the groundwater of the communities that grow our produce and onto our plates.


Manganese, aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic, and copper can all have a devastating impact on brain health, if exposure exceeds the body's ability to eliminiate.

Mold/ Mycotoxins

We've been trained to think of mold as something that grows in bathrooms and basement walls. It's easy to overlook the many sources of molds and mycotoxins in our environment.

Can low level exposure to ochratoxin A cause parkinsonism?

Dr. Farahnik reviews the rationale for the association between mycotoxins, and ochratoxin-A in particular, in parkinsonism.

Testing options, reference ranges, limitations and opportunities are discussed.

Joshua Farahnik, ND

Dr. Farahnik is passionate about discovering and treating the root cause of illness. He believes that one of his primary roles as a physician is to empower and educate patients, to collaborate on developing sustainable and accessible treatment plans, grounded in evidence informed medicine. He found naturopathic medicine many years ago after the conventional healthcare system failed to discover and address his chronic health issues. In realizing and experiencing the power of a holistic and integrated approach to medical care that helped bring him back to health, he knew this was his calling.

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  Environmental Threats to Parkinson Progression
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